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Top Money Rules



As others typical sciences there are some rules or principles that govern finance. Take your time to learn with us some money rules that can help you to get control of your finance.

1.       Define your goals

To get the control of your life particularly your personal finance you have to define first our goals. In order words you have to build your dreams.

So, you have to define:

-          What kind of car you want to drive

-          What kind of house you want to leave

-          What kind of clothes you want to wear

-          What kind of vacation you want to have

-          What kind of school or education you want for your kids

-          What kind of gift you want to offer to your wife or your children

-          Etc…..

In fact, money is nothing! The more important is what you do with you money.

2.       Spend less than you earn

In finance, the important thing is not what you earn but what you save. So make sure that your expenses never extend your income. Therefore, the main tool that will help you to achieve this challenge is your budget.


3.       Increase your Money IQ

                “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” says the bible (Hosea4v6).

So, we can say today: “a lot of people lose the control of their finance for lack of financial knowledge”

This is one of the best things that you have to do: what you are doing now; trying to get knowledge to increase your financial IQ. Try to get a better point of view on the subject of money. Because to make more money, to achieve your financial goals you must learn how more to control more principles that govern personal finance.

As well as you know our business colleges do not teach us how to get the control of our personal finance. Our bankers will invite us to get a new credit card but they will never invite us to learn how to use it to reduce your interest debt. This is the same thing for your real estate advisors, they will never ask you this question: what you gonna do to deal with your mortgage?

So, by finding this page you are a lucky person. Take your time to learn with us how to increase your financial IQ. Then, to become mentally prepared to be an investor.

4.       Invest your Money

After increasing your financial IQ you will able to invest your money. Make your money work for you. Your money will be your best employee.

5.       Build your Team

Keep in mind, to achieve your goals in life you have to get a winner team. Because a team means: “Together Everyone Achieve More.